Tracs Wild Dog Management - Services


Training Programs

A core part of our business is developing training packages for Farmers Cooperative Groups, individual land holders, Conservation Land Managers, Shire Councils and Aboriginal Rangers.

There are alternatives to relying on 1080 baiting and you can manage pest animals on your property. Our training is varied to target individual invasive species: feral cat, red fox or Wild Dogs. There skills are transferable and continually develop.

Our training is practical and field based with a focus on how Wild Dogs move across the landscape and where and when to target them. Setting the trap is a tiny part of the process and a major component is learning to understand the biological process of our target, with considerations to seasons and topography. Our training gives participants the skills to confidently deploy to the paddock and remove dogs.

Participants must be prepared to commit to a minimum of 4 days training, usually in 2 x 2 day packages. However we also deliver 4 to 10 day trapping / training programs on individual properties by negotiation. We are flexible in our delivery, with the key aim being to share knowledge and produce quality trappers.

If you want to take short cuts then please look elsewhere.

Please call and discuss your needs as we get an enormous amount of satisfaction training people to trap successfully.

Operational Control

All control work is carried out with maximum consideration to the humane treatment of the targeted Invasive Species.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and are continually updating both skill sets and equipment, so as to maintain our position within the industry.

Operations include:


  • Extensive use of trained scent dog
  • Sand plot
  • Scat identification
  • Remote movement cameras
  • On-ground tracking
Soft-Jawed Trapping

All trapping is done using "Softcatch" rubber padded traps. These traps are designed to prevent damage to the trapped animal.

Specialist Shooting

Professional - Qualified and Certified - Experienced - Fully Insured
Licensed to discharge a firearm adjoining residential areas.

Strategic Planning

  • Develop Management Plans
  • Cross Tenure – Nil Tenure Cooperative Programs
  • Property Inspections
  • Property Reports
We prepared the Ningaloo Pest Animal Management Plan 2009, which was a broad scale, Nil Tenure Program along the Ningaloo Coast, Western Australian. Developed to target Feral Cats, European Red Fox and Wild Dogs, that were impacting on Marine Turtles. This program was developed in conjunction with monitoring Marine Turtle nesting and with a Training Program for local Aboriginal men.